Canary Echo Beta

Reading time ~1 minute


Canary echo is a companion app + service to The service in conjunction with the mobile apps allows you to receive push notifications to your mobile phone when ever a canary token is triggered.


To use the service perform the following steps

  • Download the app from the play store
  • Enter a device id and password
  • Record the canary echo url (it is displayed above the register button).
  • Click the register device button.

If the deviceid is already registered you will need to enter the corresponding password to use it. Alternatively if it is not registered, an account will automatically be created for you.


You can now add the echo url as a callback URL in the webhook url field when creating a canary token.

The format for the echo url is generally

Whenever a canary token is triggered you will recieve a notification on your mobile device.


As with anything new, there are probably bugs or oversights from my side. Feel free to send these to me either via twitter (@rc1140) or by creating tickets on the respective github repos.

Service Repo Mobile Repo