Back to the future

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Getting back to blogging has been something that I have wanted to do for ages. But the numerous excuses that keep on coming up have slowed me down for long enough.

On of them was that because I am always trying out new tech or moving server or in general just fiddling with stuff. As such my blog was never really stable. I have backed it up in the past but that never really helped since restoring was such a chore through and each restart of my blog was a new chapter for me both personally and technically.

So with this new blog you should know what is coming. Yes you guessed it a new start. While I am not going to announce it till next month ,I can say that you will once again start seeing some interesting content on here soon.

BTW the title has little relevance to the post(read into it what you will) but do stick around for what is to come.

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