Dischem 21

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Having completed the Dischem 21 last weekend, this will have been the earliest I have run a race in the year. I usually wait until around march so that I can get some training in, but I like to think I was consistent enough through december to be ready for this race.

Race Organization

Having never run this specific race before I was not really sure what to expect. Thankfully though, the organization was really solid and collection of race numbers for myself and my cousin went really smooth at the Fourways collection point. Traffic handling and direction at the event was splendid as well, for the first time (possibly ever) I don’t remember waiting for more than 5-10 minutes in traffic from the time we got off the highway till the time we parked. About the only organizational issue that I can remember was the insufficient number of toilets at the start point (though this is a common issue at almost every event).

The Run

The run itself was really enjoyable (both the route and crowd). The route in particular provided a wide enough area that you didn’t feel like you were constantly being blocked by slower runners all while snaking through a really nice neighbourhood. The hills are supposed to be notoriously bad in this particular race, but in the end it was the downhill that ended up hurting me more since they were way steeper than anything I had planned for and ended up smashing my heels after the first couple hundred meters. Because I was running with a partner (my cousin) for the first time ever on a race this long, I wasn’t totally sure about his pacing and I am pretty sure I ended up under pacing both of us.

Post Run

After the run was completed it was nice to be given a full bottle of Energade (in the last DualX we were given a single cup of pepto). Pre-empting not receiving any post race hydration, I had already brought along sufficient post race hydration for the both of us. As before I was pleasantly surprised to get out of the race area after the race had completed, this was mostly thanks to really well organized traffic control. My left foot is still experiencing some muscle pain caused during the downhill section of the race. But the pain is sufficiently reduced that I was able to perform a short run on Friday without aggravating the foot.


With the run over, I am really looking forward to completing a few more this year and hopefully completing a marathon as well. The recording of my race can be found here.

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