Review - Theft of swords

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This was a unique book in how its presented. I did not originally know that it was two books combined in one and its really up to the reader to decide if they want to read them back to back or individually. Personally I feel they need to be read back to back since the books are pretty short overall and you end up feeling a little cheated with the completion of the first book not giving a big pay off.

The books were also quite different compared to what I generally look for a in a fantasy book. I prefer deep characters and interesting worlds, this book (the combination) had hints of that but in the end is actually a very light read. This book actually makes for a very nice read for people interested in the fantasy genre and are looking for something new to try. There is no burden to complete the entire series after having read one book as the build up is very gradual and you are never left feeling like you have to read the next book to get closure on the story , rather you feel like you want to read further to get a better grasp of the world.


The characters in this book are quite unique and fun, they play to the classes they have been setup as which results in an enjoyable read since you have a basic grasp of what the characters are capable off without them needing to constantly display their amazing skills. The characters are presented as ‘elite’ characters, meaning they already have all their powers/skills and simply choose not to demonstrate these powers at all times. While they are powerful, it was good to see them being able to solve a number of situations through social interactions instead of overwhelming shows of power.


There isnt too much to fault the books on, there is a definitely a lack of depth to the books initially but this is slowly built up over time. The characters histories are touched on but never really fleshed out which does leave you wanting a bit more. While not something bad to me, many people may not enjoy the style of characters in the book which almost feel like they came straight out of an anime with some of their goofiness and mannerisms.


This is a great read if you want something quick and short with good amount of adventure, action and plotting. There is some extra depth to the book that I did not cover, regarding the different factions that are at play in the story. This faction wars probably pay of more the longer you read into the entire story arc. If you enjoy fantasy give this a read, you cant go wrong with it, but its not mistborn or other such similar books.

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