Migrating from Wunderlist to Org files

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Sometime last year wunderlist was acquired by Microsoft and while this is awesome for them it left me with a dilemma of migrating to Microsoft’s to-do application or finding an alternative.

Sadly MS’ TODO application failed to migrate all my tasks (well any tasks) from wunderlist. This left me with finding an alternative instead. Sadly since the announcement was made I honestly haven’t found anything simple + functional + fast enough to replace wunderlist.

Recently though I have started using Emacs’s org mode significantly more and more. This combined with the awesome orgzly application that was suggested somewhere on the net, meant that I finally had a solution to the wunderlist migration. The beauty of using org files for my todos + agenda is that its a simple text file which means syncing is super simple and it caters for all my needs. Making matters even better was that I could now dump the wunderlist data (which they provide in JSON) and spit out a super simple org mode file and happily continue.


The code to handle the conversion is fairly simple and is simply a matter of finding all the incomplete tasks and grouping them by the lists they were in. This code leaves much to be desired but its pretty much a dump from my ipython history so go easy on me ;P


Running the script will dump the output to stdout. Feel free to pipe this to a file or optionally change the code to write directly to file.



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