One of the many things that has interested me in the past is binary reverse engineering. Whether your reasons are nefarious or not its always fun to see how things work in the back ground.

First of you will not be learning how to crack anything so if that is what you wanted you can leave now. Secondly if you are doing the challenges on your own then first give them a try yourself before getting the answer here.

A spoiler of the first challenge can be found here (thanks z0nbi) if you havent already completed it. Its a interesting challenge and what got me started on this whole thing.

So first of grab the binary for the challenge from the site by completing the first part of the challenge (the spoiler is above). Next grab the free version of OllDbg from the site.

At this point in a bigger project I would normally check the exe for string resources. But since the app is a whole 2Kb I am going to jump straight into debugging the app.

Start of by launching Olly, next load up the exe (File -> Open). Lets get into this ,hit F9 or Debug -> Run. This will start the app in debug mode and pause the at the first piece of code that will be executed. If you have some C experience this is your main() function, i.e. the entry point for the application.

I am not going to be explaining every single asm function and what ever piece of code does because I have no idea how long this post will end up running. So if you dont understand something or think I have done something wrong feel free to correct me.

If you have done everything as I have stated , you should be at 00401020 (check this in the extreme right column). At the same time you should see a text string telling you that the return value of the function is the email address for the next challenge.

With this in mind you have 2 option , you can take the quick route and run to the point after the function call and then check the eax register Or you can step into the function and see what it is doing. I personally prefer to step into the function so that I can get a understanding of what is going on , it doesnt speed up anything it just help me to understand the app.

So hit F8 6 times to get just past the function call , at this point if you look at the eax register it should read 0007AB00. This is the return value from the function, the reason we can check the register so easily is because its up to the main function to handle the cleaning up of the registers.

The alternate option is to add a breakpoint at 00401035 (click on the line and hit F2) then hit F9 to run to the code. You can at this point re examine the register and get the value from the function.

As you may have guess the email address for the challenge is Replace the rest .com with the address from the first challenge. You will know you got the right address if you get a reply with the source code for the application that you are working on.

Update : @z0nbi has posted a follow up to this article , if you feel that you are still new to RE please vist this site to get extra information that will clear up quite a few things (also he has pretty pictures)

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