Must installs for django

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I have recently started using django alot more and must say that I am really enjoying it. As such I thought I should share some info that I have come across while learning the basics.

One of the first addons that you should install for djano is the South plugin. Doing this is pretty simple (all examples are for ubuntu).

Simply run the following command :

	sudo easy_install South

Next edit your and add ‘South’ to your installed apps list.

Finally run a ./manage syncdb and you should be ready to go. As to the basics of using South there isnt really much to it.

Run the following commands to get started :

	./manage schemamigration <yourappname> --initial
	./manage migrate <yourappname>

That will crete the inital migration file and as long as you havent created the tables manually it will setup the tables in your DB.

Anytime that you change something in your simply run :

	./manage schemamigration <yourappname> --auto 

This sets up the the migration changes but does not apply them yet. To apply the changes run the migrate command again :

	./manage migrate <yourappname>

Thats as simple as it gets , there is alot more information and advanced things that South can do , to get more info go to

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